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Our Classes


The Learning Center, is a nurturing private Christian preschool dedicated to providing a safe and engaging environment for children aged 1-4 years old. Our passionate educators focus on fostering holistic development, combining faith-based values with tailored curriculum to encourage social, cognitive, and emotional growth. Through age-appropriate activities, play-based learning, and a supportive community, TLC aims to lay a foundation for a lifelong love of learning while instilling Christian values in our little ones.

Classes by Age Groups


​Toddlers are 1 year old by September 1st. Our Toddler classes each have two teachers. Their focus is to create a safe and loving environment for your child’s first school experience.  Days are filled with play, music, and exploring their environments. Each class begins with free play, then a healthy snack, followed by time on the playground practicing their gross motor skills. After lots of fun and learning, students return to homerooms for lunch and nap time.


​​Twos are 2 years old by September 1st. Our Twos classes are led by a single teacher, with the help of grade-level aides. Their focus is to create a safe and loving environment for your child to learn. Days are structured with free play, circle-time, music, art, and play-based lessons, activities, and stations. Each class has a morning snack, lunch, and nap time.


Threes are 3 years old by September 1st.  Our threes classes are led by a single teacher, with the help of grade-level aides. Days are structured with circle time, play-based learning, music, and art. It is in our threes classes that  students begin writing, exploring phonics, and learning more in depth pre-math skills. Each threes class also has a morning snack, lunch and a nap time.


Fours are 4 years old by September 1st. Fours classes focus on play-based learning in a preschool classroom setting.  Providing structure in schedule and expectations, students will continue to work on phonics, pre-math skills, social-emotional skills, and other kindergarten readiness tools. Each fours class has a morning snack, lunch, and quiet time. 

Extended Care

Early and After Care

We offer extended hours beyond our school day at an additional fee. These hours are offered daily during our school year with few exceptions.

Parents may drop off their child for Early Care as early as 7:45 A.M. Additionally, parents may opt to pick their child up as late as 4:00 P.M.  Early care is offered daily, for any drop-off before 8:50 A.M., at $5 a day. After Care is offered daily for any child picked-up after 2:15 P.M. at $5 an hour. Parents are welcome to use these extended hours as often, or as little as they need.

Specials & Chapel

Music and Movement

Music & Movement class is offered to each of our classes throughout the week. Music class includes exploring movement, song, dance, and sound through a variety of fun and engaging lessons. Our music program’s goal is for your child to build confidence in themselves and to have fun. Your child will also have an opportunity to play with a variety of age-appropriate instruments, and manipulatives.


​Art class is offered to our twos, threes, and fours classes throughout the week. Here they will enjoy a space that allows creativity, while practicing fine motor-skills. Students create weekly art projects, learn and talk about art techniques, colors, and styles. 

Our chapel program is directed by our leadership team and music teacher. 

Students join together in our chapel once a week for an opportunity to learn, sing, and worship. A curriculum is hand-picked each year for our children to get the most out of our lessons and allows for us to extend these lessons into the classroom, all the way home. Each week is scheduled with a new lesson, song, and scripture. 

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