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"Education is the most powerful weapon which   you can use to change the world". Nelson Mandela
Toddler Class

Toddlers are 1 year old by September 1. Our Toddler classes each have two staff members, and their focus to create a safe and loving environment for the first school experience.  Days are filled with play, music, exploring their environments and lots of love. Each class begins with free play and a healthy snack, followed by time outdoors or practicing their gross motor skills.  After a full morning, students spend time with music before lunchtime. After lunch, toddlers have nap time in their classrooms, waking up just before pick-up time at 2pm. Toddlers participate in Chapel once a week with Twos classes, led by director, ministry staff and music teacher.

Two Year Old Class

Twos are 2 years old by September 1. Each Twos class begins the day with different free play options, including puzzles, play doh, blocks or art. After a healthy snack, students participate in Music & Movement classes or gross motor development on the playground. Each day Twos will participate in a short circle time and a teacher-led activity or experiment.  All Twos classes participate in Chapel once a week, led by director, ministry staff and music teacher.

Three Year Old Class

Threes are 3 years old by September 1.  Threes class begins with Circle Time that includes learning about alphabet, counting, calendar and more! All classes participate in Music & Movement classes, Chapel and teacher led activities and experiments. In a threes class, students will begin to recognize and write letters like name writing, beginning phonics, and pre-math skills.

Four Year Old Class


Fours are 4 years old by September 1. Fours classes focus on play-based learning in a preschool classroom setting.  Providing structure in schedule and expectations, students will work on learning alphabet, numbers, social-emotional skills and so much more to be ready for kindergarten.  Fours will participate in Music & Movement classes, art and Chapel outside of the classroom each week, in addition to their classroom learning.

Early and Extended Care Services


We offer extended hours for additional fees. Parents may drop off for Early Care daily beginning at 7:45 am or opt for a late pick up at 3pm or 4pm.  Early care is $5 daily (any drop off before 8:50 am) and Extended Care is $5 per hour. 

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